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EVENT Live (EL) provides a white glove approach to deploying customizable event registration, promotion and monetization solutions for organizers.

1 Create
Social Activation Pages, Custom Mobile Apps & Websites

EL makes it easy to create a custom social activation page and event app simultaneously to actively engage your attendees… How cool is that?

  • Both social activation pages and your custom mobile event app will amplify online chatter while encouraging social media sharing.
  • Customize your social activation page and mobile app with sponsors, schedules, band bios, files, contest and more.
  • Communicate directly with attendees with push notifications, sell products or services, gather feedback and administer real-time help from your mobile app.
2 Promote
Tap Into The Local EVENT Live Promotion Engine

Reach tens of thousands of people actively using the EL mobile event discovery app and it’s website to discover LOCAL events!

  • People actively looking for local things to do can discover your event (if it is a public event) via the EL mobile app or website!
  • The more people that check-in or share your event the more EL helps you promote your event to it’s network!
  • Trending events are featured in both our weekly email blast, through push notifications and on our home page rotating banner.
  • Manage and promote all your events from one central dashboard.
3 Monetize
Sell Tickets, Acquire New Sponsors & Increase ROI

Unlike other “ticketing” sites EL partners with organizers helping them do the heavy lifting. Let our team help you monetize every aspect of your event!

  • Receive a Commission! We partner with you, giving you a sizable commission on all ticketing fees paid by the consumer.
  • Get Paid Instantly! It’s your money! All transactions are processed to your bank daily.
  • Procure Additional Sponsors! Our team will match you with regional or national sponsors actively seeking opportunities.
  • Increase Sponsor ROI with Advertisements! Both the mobile app and activation page provide additional ROI for your sponsors.
Learn how to fully monetize your event with a one on one demo! Call (888) 217-2220 or email sales@eventliveus.com.

National Brand Partners


Number of Events

700,000 +

Event Attendance

$500K +

Sponsorships Under Management

Gasparilla International Film Festival
In Marketing & Promotion
Tampa Bay Margarita Festival
In Marketing & Promotion / Sponsorship Management
onbikes Winter Wonder Ride
In Marketing & Promotion / Ticket Sales
In Marketing & Promotion / Sponsorship Management

Ticketing App for Organizers

Instantly download our iOS mobile ticketing app for free and start scanning tickets. Our platform is easy to use with little to no training necessary and works on both wi-fi and cellular signals for backup.

Ticket Scanning

Our scanning systems are lightweight, mobile and flexible for any size event. Built in scanners inside the app allow organizers to use their mobile devices to quickly scan tickets. Have a large event? We will send you to proper hardware to kill lines quickly.

Lightning Fast Registration

Instantly check-in attendees and manage your entire registration process with ease. Junk the paper list and jump onto the digital highway to get attendees through the door faster!

Remote Ticket Sales

An integrated POS system built into the dashboard allows organizers to sell tickets from any location and quickly process day-of sales lines on any laptop, tablet, or mobile device.


Customizable Ticketing Solutions

We understand not all events are the same so our team will be happy to help you customize your online ticketing process. From adding custom forms for consumers at check out to generating additional analytic tools on your dashboard; we have you covered!

Mobile Friendly

Recent studies suggest 75% or more attendees are now purchasing their tickets online via smart phones or tablets. EL is fast and has eliminated steps that could lead to drop off's or consumer frustration resulting in seamless mobile transactions.

Low Ticketing Fees

Our ticketing fees beat other ticketing companies on a national average AND we pay you a substantial percentage back on those fees that are batched and processed daily. Partnering with us is good for your bottom line!

Social & Secure

Social activation pages encourage sharing while amplifying online chatter to help promote your event both pre and post sale. 256-bit encryption keeps consumers information safe and 99.9% uptime ensures you can rest easy.

Learn how to fully monetize your event with a one on one demo! Call (888) 217-2220 or email sales@eventliveus.com.
Activation Page & Mobile App

Amplify online chatter and social sharing while having a medium to communicate directly with attendees through your custom mobile app.  Learn More

Dashboard and Analytics

Manage all event details and analytics from one central dashboard. Drill down on sales, attendee information and more from one easy to use dashboard.




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Learn how to fully monetize your event with a one on one demo! Call (888) 217-2220 or email sales@eventliveus.com.