We Are Event Live

Born in Tampa, Florida and trusted by the largest brands in the industry, EVENT Live has built a reputation on helping organizers amplify revenue through event monetization services.

Powered by innovative technology and backed by a network of invaluable resources, EVENT Live is far more than just a ticketing company. Our “Make It Easy” commitment combined with years of event related experience will ensure your next concert, festival or charity event is a success.

Ticketing + Registration

Customizable ticketing with fanatical customer support

Customizable Ticketing

Every event is unique! As event organizers, we understand the need for customizable ticketing and registration solutions unique to your event. There will never be an off-the-shelf, do-it-all ticketing platform so let our team customize a solution for no additional fee!

It’s a Mobile World

Organizers are constantly on the go. That’s why we engineered our mobile ticketing app to instantly get you the information you need! Additionally, our site is mobile optimized, ensuring a fast, secure and enjoyable ticket buying process for attendees.

  • Track Sales
  • Scan Tickets
  • Sell Tickets
  • Process Sales from Mobile App

Lightning Scanners

Our scanners are lightning fast and kill large lines quickly! We personally drop them off ready to scan and offer on-site support throughout your event to eliminate the headaches of shipping, maintenance and technical support!

Registration Made Easy

An experienced EL representative will both hand deliver our ticket scanners or POS hardware to your event as well as train, consult and provide technical support. Need additional staff? We have you covered with a large team of energetic and knowledgeable professionals at the ready.

Dynamic Dashboard

Our platform is lightweight and powerful providing you with an intuitive dashboard to manage your ticketing and registration across multiple devices.

  • • Create & Customize Event Page
  • • Track Sales and Financial Data
  • • Manage Registration
  • • Communicate With Guest
  • • Promote On Social Networks
  • • Analyze Site Traffic & Data
  • • Export Guest for Campaigns
  • • Create Seating Charts
  • • Sell Remote From Box Office

Seating Chart & Venue Mapping

Integrate seating charts into your event to increase conversion rates and revenue while delivering an outstanding experience. Seating charts are fully customizable from small scale VIP seating to large scale venues. Our digital seating charts are fully mobile optimized allowing consumers to quickly select and purchase their seats from any device.

Manage a venue? Our team will come out at no charge to create a series of digital seating charts that can be quickly added upon event creation.

Ticket Printing

Print hard tickets for comps, giveaways and other promotions. Printed tickets are fully customizable to include your branding or special messaging giving your event a professional appearance. Dedicated hardware including laptops and ticket printers are also available for venues.

Fanatical Support

Tired of having to fend for yourself on ridged platforms like Eventbrite? Try our Self to Support Model allowing you to customize your level of customer service at no additional cost. From DIY to Do It For Me organizers our event reps are always available by phone, text or email 7 days a week!

Additional Services

  • • Ticket Printing & Dedicated Hardware
  • • Ticketing Sales Phone Support
  • • RFID Band Shipping & Fulfilment
  • • Custom Websites & Shopping Carts
  • • Dedicated Disputed Charge Team

Some of our valued clients

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Event Point-of-Sale Solutions

Mobile, scalable & Easy to use

Our stationary Point-of-Sale devices are easy to use and built to withstand harsh conditions. They can be deployed throughout your entire event to increase revenue while providing valuable reporting.

From day-of ticket sales to food, beverage, merchandise and other sales, our POS solution is both flexible, scalable and easy!

Site Wide Deployment

Our proprietary point-of sale software is easy to use with little to no learning curve. Deploy these scalable units throughout your entire event to increase sales 25% or more capturing additional ticketing, food/beverage and merchandise sales.

Mobile Sales Force

Our lightweight handheld point-of sale devices will turn your team into a money making machine! Process credit card payments for tickets, food & beverage or merch sales on the go, all while generating the same powerful analytics and reporting of our larger stationary units.

Double Edge Sword

The days of needing a ticket scanner AND a Square like POS device are over! Our proprietary lightweight handheld units allow you to both scan tickets and process sales on one device saving time, money and the headaches that come with additional hardware.

Plug & Pay

Deploy our 30’ air conditioned trailer replete with a TV, mini bar, safe and comfortable furniture to sell tickets in style; or simply use it as a green room to stage artist. This dual purpose “plug and pay” trailer can dominate up to 4 day-of sales lines instantly processing both cash and credit cards when combined with our built in point-of-sale stations!


Customizable menus and real-time reporting keep you in the loop at all times on sales across different stations set up throughout your event. Instantly see sales reports across multiple devices including a mobile app.

Security & Reliability

Process safe and secure transactions from indoor events to outside concerts with our mobile POS units. Backed by strong encryption and counterfeit detection, these devices will keep you safe while processing transactions wirelessly.

24/7 Technology Butler

Eliminate the headaches of creating menus, logistics, shipping cost, set-up, training and on-site tech support! We personally bring these units to you, butler style, ready to go and provide 24/7 on-site support throughout your entire event.

Artificial Intelligence

We help you protect your profits. Enter Artificial Intelligence! Our shopping cart account uses AI to both detect potential fraudulent transactions before they occur, as well as give us a leg up to win these disputes on your behalf.

Sponsorship Management + Fulfillment

Amplify your event revenue

With millions under management, EVENT Live is one of the premier sponsorship and fulfillment companies in the Southeast. By leveraging our vast network of both regional and national brands looking for strategic sponsorship opportunities, we help organizers maximize sponsorship revenue.

  • • Strategic Sponsorship Placement
  • • Sponsorship Fulfillment
  • • Beer, Wine and Liquor Donations
  • • Print, TV, Billboard & Radio In-Kind
  • • Sponsor Package Consulting & Design

Some of our valued partners

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More Than Just Ticketing Company

EL maintains a hyper focus on forming solid relationships within each community to offer our clients a marketing edge. Generate more visibility, enhance brand awareness and sell more tickets!

Targeted Newsletters

Amplify visibility and sell more tickets leveraging our massive database through targeted email campaigns!

Cross Promotional Opportunities

Distribute flyers, set up activation tents and cross promote social media or email campaigns with other EL Partners!

Social Media & Retargeting

Let our team help you create both social media and retargeting campaigns that engage your target audience!

Street Teams

In an ever competitive event industry let our team put together a creative guerilla marketing campaign to generate awareness!

Website & Graphic Design

Let’s face it, your website and other print designs are a consumers first and most important impression of your brand; so let our team make sure it is a good one!

In-Kind Awareness

Working with local TV, print, outdoor and radio stations within your community, our team always looks for additional ways generate in-kind awareness!

Public Relations

In an ever competitive event industry getting the attention of the news and media is not an easy task. Our team will actively seek out media opportunities, both in- kind and paid, to help raise awareness and reach your target market.

Some of our valued media partners

Talent Buying

Leverage our network to find the perfect artist for your event

From securing talent to fulfilling advancement, our in-house team of agents have worked with hundreds of both national and regional acts throughout the United States. Let our team of professionals book entertainment for your next event!

Venue Management

Event Management Solutions for Venues

Own or manage a venue or public space? Our team can help build traffic and maximize revenue through unique events. We offer our complete package of event technology and management services to venues of all sizes and types including:

  • • Ticketing
  • • Point-of-Sale
  • • Sponsorship Management
  • • Talent Buying
  • • Marketing and Public Relations
  • • Production

Event Production

When experience matters most

Let our dedicated event production team help you produce your next event. Our team has over a decade of experience in event production and are involved in some of the nation’s largest events every year.

  • • Concept / Theme Development
  • • Budget Creation & Cost Analysis
  • • Staffing & Volunteer Coordination
  • • CAD Design & Site Mapping
  • • Vendor Management & Fulfillment
  • • Stage, Sound & Lighting
  • • Entertainment Booking / Advancement
  • • Government Liaison & All Permitting

Clients & partners

Here are just a few of our valued clients & partners

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Why Clients Show Us The Love!

EVENT Live is one of the fastest growing event technology and service companies in the country for a reason. From 60 thousand to 60 person events, we treat each organizer the same focusing on helping them monetize every aspect of their event, while letting them deploy invaluable bandwidth elsewhere.

This fanatical approach to customer service, teamed with cutting edge technology, has provided our team an opportunity to work with some of the largest brands in the event industry in just a few short years!

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