Tickets, Refunds & Exchanges

Ticket Purchase Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions for ticketing purchases are designed to inform you about the process of purchasing a ticket through EVENT Live. These [Ticket Purchase Terms & Conditions] are subject to both the EVENT live Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy.

EVENT Live Disclaimer

EVENT Live acts as a ticketing agent on behalf of the event organizer(s), promoter(s), artist(s) and other representatives know as “Event Organizers.” EVENT Live will process any tickets purchased on the EVENT Live platform for the EVENT organizer facilitating payment for the organizer.

Ticket Pricing & Availability

EVENT Live does not set ticket prices or control availability of seating including how many tickets are available, times tickets will be sold, or when the event will be sold out. EVENT Live only sells tickets on behalf of event organizers.

Event organizers set the amount of tickets you can purchase know as “Ticket Limits.”

Order Confirmation

After purchasing your ticket(s) from EVENT Live you will receive 2 emails:

Your actual ticket in the form of a PDF with a confirmation number and QR / Barcode you need to print and bring (with ID) to the event

A transaction report with purchasing information and a confirmation number.

If you do not receive one or both of these emails, or notice any errors, it is your responsibility to notify EVENT Live immediately. EVENT Live will not be aware of any problems with your ticket purchase unless you notify us about the problem. EVENT Live will not be responsible for any losses (monetary or otherwise) if you assume an order was placed without receiving confirmation.

Ticket Fees

Tickets purchased on EVENT Live are typically subject to a service fee including any delivery fees or additional fees levied by the organizer or venue. This combination of fees including credit card processing fees are collectedly know as “Ticket Fees”

Delivery Options

Depending on the event different deliver options for tickets may be available. Typically, these methods of delivery below will be fallible on the EVENT Live platform:

ELive Ticket- This ticket will be emailed to you in the form of a PDF with a QR/ Barcode and confirmation number. You need to print this ticket and bring it with you to the event (including ID).

Standard Mail- If an event organizer is offering “Hard Tickets” this method of delivery may be available and would include additional fees for delivery.

Will Call- If an event organizer is offering a “Will Call” option you can pick up your tickets (with ID) at the Will Call location on-site.

Note : If the amount you paid for a ticket is incorrect, regardless of any error (including a technical error) on behalf of EVENT Live we will reserve the right to cancel that purchase at any time and refund you the amount paid.

Payment Methods

EVENT Live accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Event Live is located in Tampa, FL. All ticket prices are stated in US currency within the United States.

Cancelled or Postponed Events

In the unfortunate instance an event is cancelled or postponed by the Event Organizer we will make an attempt to contact you to inform you about the refund or exchange procedures for that event. In the event a refund is issued, EVENT Live will typically issue you a refund on the credit card you used to purchase the tickets.

As EVENT Live works on behalf of the EVENT Organizer all refunds will be based on the EVENT Organizers instructions and policies. EVENT Live has no control over the customer service at the venue, how long the acts will play, or if specific acts/talent (including opening acts) promoted will show up to perform as these variables are in full control of the event organizer and subject to change or cancelation without notice.

You must comply with any and all instructions or deadlines the Event Organizer sets forth as ALL REFUNDS will be at the Event Organizers discretion.

EVENT Live will issue refunds per the Event Organizers discretion based on the following terms below:

If the Event Organizer gives EVENT Live the authority to process a refund

If the Event Organizer provides us with the funds necessary to issue a refund

Upon any refund processed by EVENT Live you will typically receive:

The face value for the ticket, or discounted ticket price paid

All ticketing fees added to the ticket price paid (IF Approved by EVENT Organizer)

You will NOT Receive:

Any delivery charges or any other fees or amounts separate from the ticket price or ticketing fees


All refunds will be issued to the card you made the actual transaction with

Refunds may take up to 7 business days from the date it was processed

If an event is postponed Event Organizers can limit the amount or time frame in which refunds can take place

Event Organizers rarely refund tickets after it has been purchased, lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed!

Billing Information / Funds Availability Verification

Orders will only be processed after all credit card information including correct billing information is correct. Processing a ticket is also contingent on funds availably of the credit card processed. Occasionally, we will receive incorrect billing or credit card information including non sufficient funds that will cause an order to be canceled. It is your responsibility to verify this information before attempting another purchase.


In no event will you make an attempt to contact the 3rd party credit card processing company for a “chargeback” for any fees paid for tickets. This includes but is not limited to bad experiences, cancelations, not being able to attend an event, or artist not performing.

EVENT Live only works on behalf of the EVENT Organizers and can only offer refunds at their sole discretion, therefore EVENT Live will be held harmless for any losses you may suffer including but not limited to personal injury or death at the event, or any monetary losses. EVENT Live, its management, directors, officers, owners, employees or agents will be indemnified against any loss against yourself and any accompanying minor.

Unlawful Re-Sale, Search, Illegal Recording, Ejection

Unlawful resale of tickets (or attempted resale) is ground for seizure and cancelation without compensation.

You and any belongings will be subject to search at the event. If you elect not to consent to searches, you may be dined entry to the event with no refund or compensation.

You agree not to record or transmit, or aid in transmitting any account, audio or video from the event.

You agree that the event you are attending is a public event and that your actions and appearance both inside and outside the venue are considered public. You grant permission to both EVENT Live and the Event Organizers to utilize you name, age, image, likeness, post or statements.

Event Organizers reserve the right, without refund of any amount paid to refuse admission they deem disorder and fails to comply with event rules.

Complete Disclaimer

EVENT Live only works on behalf of the EVENT Organizers and therefore EVENT Live will be held harmless for any losses you may suffer including but not limited to personal injury, death at the event or any monetary losses. EVENT Live, its management, directors, officers, owners, employees or agents will be indemnified against any loss against yourself and any accompanying minor.

EVENT Live cannot predict the intentions of the EVENT Organizer or the quality of experience you will have at the event. Therefore, EVENT Live will be held harmless against any nefarious intentions or actions of the EVENT Organizer.