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Wednesday 07/1/20 @ 4:00 am

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Hey Crawler Family,

Over the last couple months we have missed you tremendously. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to cancel/postpone all of our events until further notice. During this time we have worked hard behind closed doors with our partners to come back stronger than before once this is over. We know our Restaurant and Bar partners have also been hit very hard by this virus. 

After weeks of collaboration on ideas to help each other, we have come up with our proudest event yet. “TICKETS FOR TAMPA” is here.

What is Ticket for Tampa?

You can purchase $20 tickets, which have no expiration date. These tickets are good to come to any one of our upcoming events. We are talking Halloween Crawl, Tampa Lightning Crawls & kickoff parties, Tampa Bay Bucs season kickoff party & Crawl, Ugly Seater Crawl, Masquerade Crawl, NYE Party, Labor Day Pool Party, next year’s Gasparilla Brunch, St. Patrick’s Day Brunch, Cinco de Mayo Brunch and much more.

In addition to supporting Downtown Crawlers with your purchase, $10 of your $20 ticket will go to your favorite bar. These $10 can help bartenders, servers, hostesses, cooks, managers, owners and anyone working for them.
When you go through the checkout process, you can indicate which bar you would like your $10 to go to.

We are in this together and really appreciate everyone helping out.

As a Bonus, for those that are also hit hard and can’t contribute the $20 at this time, we want you to come party with all of us as well. Here is what you can do to help and get a FREE Ticket.

Step 1) Share & Invite/tag 100 of your friends to “Tickets for Tampa”
Step 2) Tag Downtown Crawlers in your post
Step 3) Take Screen shot of your post and message us the picture.
Step 4) We will then send you a Free ticket, which you can use to any of our upcoming events.

Tickets for Tampa participating restaurants & bars
- American Social Tampa
- District Tavern Tampa
- GenX Tavern
- Park & Rec TPA
- Maloney’s Local Irish Pub - Downtown
- Zydeco Brew Werks
- Coyote Ugly Tampa
- The Patio Tampa

Stay safe, stay healthy and be careful. We’ll be back with new & awesome events soon.

Thank you
Your Crawler Team
Andreas, Thomas, Laura, Markus

****We will post a schedule of our upcoming events once we get the green light to do so****

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