Sister Hazel Drive in Series Orlando

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Saturday 10/24/20 @ 6:00 pm

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Central Florida Fair Orlando, Florida, United States
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The Sister Hazel Drive In Series will take place at Central Florida Fairgrounds on October 24th, 2020

This is a Rain or Shine Show.


Car placement will begin at 6:00pm. Show starts at 7:30pm. Vehicles will be placed on first come first serve basis Attendees will be placed by parking attendant staff, not on their own. 

Everyone MUST be in a vehicle when entering. No Uber/Lyft drop offs

Cars and trucks will be placed based on size. Lower cars in front, bigger cars in back. Vehicles that are lifted will be placed at end rows to ensure no blocking of views of vehicles behind them. Attendees will NOT be allowed to move/relocate space one parked.

No RVs or buses.

EACH vehicle will be placed in a 15’ X25’ space. Groups must set up in front of their vehicle. MAXIMUM 6 people in 1 vehicle. Must maintain social distance at all times from other groups.

Face coverings/masks must be worn when utilizing restroom or concessions area.

NO walking around or visiting neighbors/other vehicles. Must remain in your space unless utilizing restroom or concessions area.

Bathrooms are available and will be monitored by security for occupancy/social distancing and cleaned/disinfected throughout event

Concessions consisting of food and drink will be available on site.No outside food or drinks. Grills are not permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we have to stay in our car or can we tail gate next to it? If we do have to stay in our car can I pull up in a box truck?

A: Each vehicle will be placed in a 15’ X25’ space. Groups must set up in front of their vehicle. MAXIMUM 6 people in 1 vehicle. Must maintain social distance at all times from other groups. You may get outside of the car and set up chairs, blankets, etc. (no tents, grills, umbrellas, totem poles large object that will interrupt a view). You must keep with social distancing guidelines and group of 6 or more will be asked to disperse. You may not bring a box truck, RV, or bus. 

Q: How does parking work? Are taller bigger vehicles in the back or is it like a real concert and you stare at the back of someone if you are short?

A: Parking is first come first serve. Cars will be allowed into the venue starting at 6pm. VIP tickets will be lined the first few rows of parking while GA tickets will behind this area. Large trucks and oversized cars will be put off to the sides and back rows so they do not block views for attendees. No RV or Party Bus parking is allowed.

Q: Will there be a sound system and/or FM transmitter for people to tune into in their car?

A: There will be a main stage with PA. If the weather turns bad there will be an FM transmitter to listen to the concert in your car.

Q: Is the ticket per car or person?

A: Each ticket is for 4 people in one vehicle. Security will check your pre-paid tickets for your 5th or 6th additional person. This is an 18+ unless you are accompanied by a parent or guardian

Q: Will you have food options?

A: Yes, we will have concessions onsite serving food and drinks.

Q: What if you arrive via Uber, Lyft, or ride share?

A: Any attendee that shows up via a ride share service or is dropped off at the front gate will not be allowed into the venue. All attendees must have a- ticket and must arrive in a vehicle to be let into the event.

Q: Will cars be on or off?

A: All cars will be off during the entire duration of the event. Once parked you will not be allowed to start your car up again until the show is over. Anyone found not complying with rules will be asked to leave.

Q: Will there be Security & Police?

A: We will have our Security team working the main gates, parking cars, roaming the fields, and watching over bathrooms.

Q: What happened to those who are not following protocol?

A: All attendees not following the rules and implemented. social distancing guidelines will receive one warning. After the warning is issued and the attendee continues to cause problems the entire car/truck load will be removed via OPD.

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