Parasites, Corgi Feldman, Abandon The Midwest

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Abandon The Midwest

Matt and Jason from OH. and Travis from MI. met in Orlando, FL. Matt and Jason, ex-big city bombers, and Travis put together Abandon the Midwest as pop punk band to do the damn thing. BJ, guitarist and vocalist for The Propeller Dream, joined the ATM ranks in early 2013. Together their influences are The Loved Ones, NOFX, Bouncing Souls, Broadway Calls, The Lawrence Arms, The Dopamines, talking to strangers, hugs and Mexican food.

Corgi Feldman

Corgi Feldman is a pop punk band from Orlando, FL. What more do you need to know? Wanting to know more than that is just being nosey.


The perfect mix of low intellect, limited ambition, and limitless parental support - pop pop! Parasites are an American pop-punk band. They were formed in the late 80's by guitarist / singer Dave Parasite and bassist Ron Nole in New Jersey. Dave later relocated to Berkeley, California, forming a new band with local players. The Parasites have had many personnel changes over their long career, with the most notable members being drummer Dan Cofer and his brother Scott Cofer, both formerly of Pillage Sunday. The band has been releasing records since 1987 and has toured the US, Europe and Japan extensively. They have played with Green Day, Rancid, NOFX, Bad Religion, Buzzcocks, Jawbreaker, The Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Mr. T Experience, The Smoking Popes, Dillinger 4, The Ataris, Swingin' Utters, Weston, Ben Weasel, The Ergs, The Methadones, The Lillingtons, Squirtgun, Dan Vapid and the Cheats, Down By Law, Avail, J Church, Masked Intruder, and thousands of other bands. After taking a short break in the early 2000's, the band released a "Best Of" compilation in 2006, entitled Retro-Pop Remasters on Go Kart Records, and several studio CDs, "Solitary" in 2009, and "Non Stop Power Pop" in 2012, both on Kid Tested Records, Dave Parasite's sub label of Go Kart Records, and a track on a 4 way split 7" in 2013. Since the release of "Retro Pop Remasters", the band has toured in 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012, and are touring and recording an album of new material in 2013.

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