Liquid Pennies/Sienna Queen/The Drain Outs/His Hem

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Saturday 07/10/21 @ 8:00 pm

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New World Brewery Tampa, Florida, United States
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Sat 7/10 | Liquid Pennies/Sienna Queen/The Drain Outs/His Hem (psych rock/garage/surf/indie folk)

8-12 | $7 adv/$10 dos | in the Music Hall

In inverse order of appearance:

Liquid Pennies (psych rock)

Initially configured as a trio, Liquid Pennies first started melting copper in 2018, releasing their first EP Floods in late 2019; not long thereafter recruiting violinist and vocalist Zoë Turtle to make the group a quartet. Their latest release Distant Dawn is a four-track album the length of most LPs with three times as many tracks. While the group’s sound certainly has surf-y elements, they’re much closer in both style and spirit to the folk and psychedelic bliss of the ’60s groups like Pentangle and Mellow Candle, with a slightly more narrow, indie rock-influenced harmonic range and periodic injections of diesel to give the mix some extra lift.

Sienna Queen (surf/garage)

This all-female trio (drummer Lindsay Michelle, guitarist Claire Morrison, and bassist Gina Tortorici) plays a powerful blend of ‘90s-inspired neo-garage rock augmented with a healthy dose of vintage surf sonics. Add three strong voices to the mix and it’s a winning combo.

The Drain Outs (indie/garage) 

Transcendent high energy garage rock drawing influence from ‘60s Valley/Brit pop, ‘90s alt-rock, and the modern surf revival that wears its heart on its dirty sleeve.

His Hem (alt-folk)

Self-described as playing “loud gay harp music,” His Hem (aka Matt Dodenhoff) is a truly unique artist within Tampa Bay’s musical community. The “harp” he plays is not blues harmonica…it’s a harp like you’d see at an orchestral performance or being played by angels in a painting by a Renaissance master. He alternately attacks and caresses his instrument of choice; similarly, his voice can both soothe and unsettle as the music and mood requires.

Hosted by New World Brewery

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