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Friday 01/25/19 @ 5:00 pm

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Join us for on Gasparilla Weekend for Combat Quest 3! January 25th, 2019 at the Florida State Fairgorunds.


David Mundell

Marcos Lloreda 

Asim Zaidi 

Ty McLeod 

Carlos Espinosa 

Mike Galitello 

Cleveland McLean

Pablo Caballero

Ladarious Jackson 

Frank Carrillo 

Octavio Putitvr 

Ezequiel Zurita 

Matt Nall 

Chris Jacobs

Smith Amisial 

Emre Orun 

Al Martinez

Jeremias Fernandez 

Joe Cortez

Vince McGuinness

Ivan Franco

Jaleek Bogul


Ethan Goff 

Javier Gonzalez 

Nico Stutely 

Cindy Rodriguez 

Jasmine Peña

Shane McKay 

Jose Galagos 

Ron Allen 

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