Pints of Science

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Wednesday 03/13/24 @ 6:30 pm

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New World Tampa Tampa, Florida, United States
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Pints Of Science (Science Lecture Series)

Doors 6:30 | Speakers 7 | FREE, must RSVP | Music Hall

Presented in the New World Music Hall, Three esteemed area scientists will share their current projects and passions during three individual 20-minute segments followed by a Q&A session. This seated event offers the New World menu as well as a full cash bar.


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Kevin Murdock, PhD, BCBA-D

Applied Behavior Analysis Consultant

Bad behavior seems to be everywhere. Causes for an individual’s misbehavior may be described as a problem with thought processing, emotional regulation, a personality disorder, or other psychological factors. But, these are not directly observable and can be difficult to change. This presentation peeks into the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and how understanding the environment is critical to supporting positive behavior changes.

Dr. Catherine Nadeau

USF Cardiovascular Disease for Women

Join us for an enlightening discussion on women’s heart health, delving into contemporary challenges and empowering insights. This presentation aims to enhance awareness and understanding of crucial aspects related to cardiovascular well-being in women.

Christine Theodore

Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry at The University of Tampa.

Nature’s Hidden Pharmacy. Abstract: Humans have looked to nature as a source of healing medicines since before written history. While most people are aware of the use of traditional medicines, many people are surprised to learn that substances derived from nature continue to play a major role in the modern drug discovery process. We’ll talk about the history and future directions of utilizing the chemistry of nature as a source of new pharmaceutical products. 

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