Pints Of Science 6/14/23

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Wednesday 06/14/23 @ 6:30 pm

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New World Tampa Tampa, Florida, United States
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W 6.14 | doors 6:30 | speakers 7 | FREE, must RSVP | Music Hall

Pints Of Science (science lecture series) | doors 6:30 | speakers 7 | FREE | Music Hall

Presented in the New World Music Hall, three esteemed area scientists will share their current projects and passions during three individual 20-minute segments followed by a Q&A session. This seated event offers a full dinner menu plus appetizers and BBQ specials available for purchase as well as a full cash bar. 

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Kestutis Paul Boyev, MD

Associate Professor, The Morsani College of Medicine at USF

The Most Successful Neuroprosthesis in History Helps People Hear

Surgically implanted interfaces between living neural tissue and computerized microelectronics at one time were the domain of science fiction writers like William Gibson, but in 2023 we routinely provide deaf patients with cochlear implants.  We will discuss this technology, its future directions, its limitations, and whether or where it can be applied to overcome other human sensory, motor, or cognitive deficits.  We will even touch upon some other topics like whether tech oligarchs may someday use it to read minds and control behavior!     

Yaël Bensoussan, MD MSc FRCSC

Assistant Professor, The Morsani College of Medicine at USF

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Us Analyze Your Voice And What It Says About Your Health

The human voice is often referred to as a unique print for each individual and contains biomarkers that have been linked to various diseases ranging from Parkinson’s disease to dementia, mood disorders and cancers. Voice contains complex acoustic markers that depend on the coordination between respiration, phonation, articulation, and prosody. Recent advances in acoustic analysis technology, in particular those linked to machine learning, have shed new insights into the detection of diseases

Lynn Mendolusky, B.S. Zoology

Animal Care Manager, Zoo Tampa / General Manager of New World Tampa

Vultures in Crisis: Saving Nature’s Clean Up Crew

Vultures are the underdog of the bird world. Most often viewed as ghastly creatures that feed on the dead, they are misunderstood and underappreciated for the vital role they play in the earth’s ecosystems. Unbeknownst to most people, vultures across the globe are critically endangered and at risk of going extinct. This talk will bring to light the beauty of these amazing birds, explain the ecological niche they fill and reveal some amazing adaptations that allow them to serve their role in nature.

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