Chael Blinya + HeyeYella + Dennis Amadeus

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Wednesday 08/17/22 @ 7:00 pm

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New World Brewery Tampa, Florida, United States
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W 8.17 | Chael Blinya + HeyeYella + Dennis Amadeus (hip-hop / spoken word / open mic) | doors 7:10 | show 8:17 | 18+ | Music Hall

The upcoming event will be “A B-Day Celebration” inspired by the Real Estate cycle and a follow up to March 26th’s “Lost Unfound Showing”. For this, his second show in the New World Music Hall show, Chael Blinya will be joined by fellow musical act HeyeYella and spoken word poet Dennis Amadeus. It will also preview “A Broker’s OPEN MIC”, a pending Open Mic Series. This LIVE HIP-HOP PERFORMANCE will be something not to be missed!

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As a developing mind in a rapidly evolving world, Ghanaian-American hip-hop artist Chael Blinya uses themes of self-identity and hindered perception to unpack his point of view, making a point to build a catalog depicting his relationship with the city of Tampa. Starting in 2018 he began noticing changes in our local housing market and while his observations initially caused a bit of concern, it inspired his latest body of work; “The Sir Roundings LP” (released in September 2021) as well as the follow up “The Surroundings EP” (released in June 2022). The project is a concept album about his upbringing as a Ghanaian-American in Hillsborough County by way of three figurative foundations; Mental Real Estate, Intellectual Property, and Memory Banking. With said foundations he was able to deliver a project that provided a much needed perspective on Tampa’s “surroundings” and further allowed for an intricate album promotional rollout that mimicked a standard Real Estate cycle.

Coming out of St. Petersburg, FL HeyeYella is one of the realest lyricists hip hop has to offer right now. A genuine, laid back stoner, wisdom and good vibes flow through his music like he does through life. With his consistent positive attitude and hippie like demeanor, HeyeYella brings a much needed fresh perspective.

From mentoring youth poets and keynote speaking engagements to curriculum design and implementation of dynamic art-based educational programming, Dennis Amadeus has built a career grounded by his passion to teach and inspire young people about the transformative power of education and expression. As an artist/teaching artist, he has traveled extensively across the nation performing and conducting art-based educational workshops aimed at getting youth to see their creative potential. Dennis has also organized multiple community fundraisers and book drives to support domestic and international causes, including organizing 1000 books to be sent to Swaziland, Africa to build a community library. His continued community and civic engagement exhibit Dennis’s desire to use his creativity and ability to bring people together to change communities on a local and international level. Dennis is a writer, educator, performance artist, and a community organizer determined to use his creative talents to transform communities and the minds of young people.

Hosted by New World Brewery

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