DJ Barry Carew


Barry Carew. Also known as "WHO THE HELL IS BARRY CAREW"! He is a prolific staple in the upper class of celebrity DJ's. Why you might ask? Barry Carew Hosts and DJ's some of the Worlds Largest Sporting Events, Concert Series, and Festivals. His Nightclub resume is on par with some of the biggest DJ's in the world. His demeanor is humble /friendly yet his delivery is commanding and fun! Barry Carew is one of the most sought after DJ's in the corporate DJ market as well. Professionally hosting and playing to fortune 100 companies, celebrity athletes, celebrity weddings, and celebrity music related events world wide. Barry Carew was once listed as a Celebrity among Celebrities by Hollywood Insider. Yet remains a staple in the Downtown Austin, Texas Music Scene and the Central Florida Event circuit. Barry Carew is a top tear producer and remixer that has featured and consulted major artists to influence new sounds or styles. Barry Carew is a true industry TASTEMAKER. More info @