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Social Activation Pages and Custom Mobile apps amplify online chatter and increase sponsor ROI.

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The Features You Need in a Mobile Event App

Event Live delivers a complete private social network on top of event details allowing your crowd to connect, solve problems, ask questions, participate in live Q&A's, post updates and share photos.
Place all your event's files, schedules, entertainer bios, sponsor info and more in the palm of your crowd's hands! Add multiple schedules for different stages.
Add and organize files to the app allowing your corwd to spend more time participating in your event and less time searching for information. Share the entire event program, venue map and other important documents.
Send push notifications to the crowd they can actually respond to! Set filters to monitor and answer questions in real-time, replacing or assisting on-site help resources. Sort and filter social activity in the stream with different combinations.
Your crowd can instantly connect with each other on social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well as on Event Live. People are able to connect directly through the live social stream, making Event Live the most interactive mobile event app available.
Event Live is the only app that provides a dedicated design team to create in-stream ads and contests for your sponsors, allowing brands to interact with your crowd in real-time, increasing sponsor ROI and providing new ways to monetize your event.
Event Live integrates deeply with social media. Your crowd and sponsors can link their app profiles to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, publishing updates and photos from one central hub. We also respect individual privacy settings and never publish anything without user consent.
Monitor the vibe of your event in real-time, crowdsolve problems and instantly gather invaluable feedback to make your next event an even bigger success!
Event Live is the only event app that provides a dedicated design team to create in-stream ads and contests for your sponsors, allowing brands to interact with attendees in real-time increasing ROI. Event organizers can also monetize their event by selling these unique advertising options!
Event Live for Festivals

Social Activation Page & Mobile App

Build a custom Social Activation Page and mobile app for free in one easy step to interact with your crowd before during and after the event. Share exclusive news, highlight sponsors to increase their ROI and create a micro community for like minded people to share updates or photos!

Event Live for Festivals


After creating a custom Social Activation Page and mobile app all public events are placed on both the EVENT Live website and mobile app for people to discover. Events with the most interaction quickly move up the 'Trending' board helping raise massive local awareness!

Event Live for Festivals


EVENT Live has a built in data base of both local and national sponsors. If requested, we will reach out to sponsors that could potentially be a strategic fit with your event helping you secure additional revenue.

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