The Company

In just a short time, Event Live has become recognized at events across the United States, from tech conferences in Silicon Valley to major festivals in the Sunshine State.

Event Live has developed a company culture that reflects the city wherein it was founded, where new ideas are celebrated and can grow, but does not overlook its rich history. The embers that stirred the passion of the Founders to create Event Live now rage as a bright fire that lights the company's path forward.

Our mission is simple: to strike the careful balance between living in the moment and capturing the moment; to leverage technology before, during and after an event to the fullest, enhancing the experience for everyone involved, but not getting in the way. We constantly strive to achieve this goal. It has guided our foremost decisions and has become the sounding board on which every idea rings.


Event Live is self funded.

Event Live operates on current cash flow, but is looking for strong investment partners to reach scale. Email us if you're interested in investment opportunities.

Customers & Advertisers

Event Live is used by companies large and small, all over the United States.

From local restaurants to multinational corporations, we are proud to say our list of customers, partners and advertisers is growing every day.

Job Opportunities

We're Hiring.

We are currently hiring several technical and non technical positions. Submit your resume.